The Oly Mountain Boys think you could all use a little good news today.

White Horse is OFF TO PRINT! We'll have it soon, and so will you!

We've seen some proofs that have us convinced that this album is going to look (and sound) really amazing. Combining some hard driving original bluegrass with some amazing writing, beautiful art, and the graphics work of Euphoria Tea Productions... well, let's just say we think you're going to like what you see. We're excited to announce also that we've signed on with Sue DuMond to help us get the word out about it.

We're going to have a series of shows in September and October to celebrate our new release. On September 20th, we'll be partnering with the Washington State Historical Society for a grange-style White Horse event that celebrates the pieces of Washington history that inspire the backdrop for this album. On October 2nd, we'll have a web concert through ConcertWindow for you far-flung OMB fans! And on October 4th, we'll party down at Rhythm and Rye on Artswalk with The Hollerbodies of Portland and the Warren G. Hardings from Seattle!

But if you can't wait that long, find us sooner - like this week!

Man, we've been busy this month! After hangin with the Steep Canyon Rangers, we hit up Centralia and Tacoma, jammed all night long in Goldendale, and had three great shows (including one amazing house concert) up by Bellingham! We can't wait to go back!

As for White Horse: The layout of our 64-page booklet containing all the song lyrics, stories, photos, and art that make up the album is taking some time to get just right. But we're close, and we're going to send it off this week to get made! We expect to have them in hand by the second week of July.

Between now and then, come see us play!

Jun 14 Percival Landing Park, Olympia WA, 11am-12pm. The P.S. I Love You Fest is a great chance to see the band, bring the kids, and learn about our beautiful environment!
Jun 20 Alderbrook Resort, Union WA
Jun 21 The Spar, Tacoma WA
Jun 28 Wiggle in the Wetlands, Olympia WA
July 10 House Concert, Hoodsport WA

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Artswalk at Rhythm & Rye was a great success - thanks Andy, and thanks Blackberry Bushes! And we're still enjoying introducing more and more people to songs from our soon-to-be-released bluegrass concept album White Horse! Work continues on graphic design, t shirts will be printed this week, and White Horse should be available to all our lovely Kickstarter backers by June!

Now a public service announcement...

(P.S. - Are you a Pandora listener? Check out the new Oly Mountain Boys Radio!)

We've been hard at work since our successful Kickstarter campaign came to a close. The contributions of our friends, family, and fans made sure that this bluegrass concept album of ours will come together exactly as we envisioned it. Here's where we're at:

- All 18 tracks that make up White Horse are mixed and mastered.
- We've received all the writing contributions, obtained licenses for the historical photos, and received 5 paintings that will be featured in the booklet that tells Charlie's life story.
- We've begun graphic design layout with Euphoria Tea Productions.
- We're getting ready to print t-shirts!

If you pledged, make sure to check your inbox or login to Kickstarter and respond to the backer survey sent last week. This is how we'll collect the information we need to get you your rewards!

We were honored to be a part of what became the opening show at an exciting new Olympia music venue, Rhythm and Rye! With the help of Hillstomp, the place was packed on opening night (unfortunately for the dozens of people who couldn't make it in the door!) Formerly the Royal Lounge, Rhythm and Rye will be hosting a full variety of high quality music nearly every night of the week, so go and check it out! And especially make sure to be there on Artswalk Saturday (April 26th), when we'll be bringing nonstop bluegrass all night with the help of the Blackberry Bushes!

Another exciting new venue for us - Jeremy's Farm to Table in Chehalis! They're hosting a lot of great bands, and we'll be there April 12th!

Let bluegrass lovers far and wide know - we'll be on KAOS Radio on April 10th from 6-8pm in support of their pledge drive! You can listen online at: 

YOU DID IT!!! You funded "White Horse"!

THANK YOU to every single one of you who backed us over the last 3 weeks! We are really excited to be able to bring this project to you. We're going to have a great time putting the finishing touches on the music, writing, design, and layout over the next few weeks. We can't wait to have it in our hands and tie everything up in a package meant for each of you.

JUST TWO WEEKS remain to pledge to our Kickstarter campaign! We've raised over $4000 now and we're halfway to our goal. We are thrilled with all the interest, and grateful to each one of you that's pledged! But we need to keep up the same momentum or better in the second half. If you haven't pledged yet, we want you to be part of this project! Without you, "White Horse" doesn't get made!

We were fortunate to get to spend the first few days of our campaign making music in California, and we had a great time! We had six hugely successful shows, shared the stage with (and enjoyed the hospitality of) some great musicians like Eight Dollar Mountain (who just finished their own successful Kickstarter campaign!), Windy Hill, David Thom, and Scott Gates. California treated us right for sure. And we got some great video - if you're still on the fence about pledging to support White Horse, watch this clip that features one of our favorite tunes from the album, performed at our Saturday night show at Castoro Cellars in Templeton!


One of our favorite aspects of this album is the chance to give a platform to writers and artists to further the story of Charlie McCarver. Some of you may be curious about the contributions that we're getting and how they'll work into the album. We're pleased by what we've seen, and we like the way the material works to deepen the story of the character we created in our songs. We decided to let you in on a taste! We think it'll get you interested in having a copy of White Horse when it's all said and done. And maybe you want to throw in an Oly Mountain Boys t-shirt or a house concert while you're at it...


The time has come, folks - the Oly Mountain Boys NEED YOU to help us make a great new bluegrass concept album!

We set out with this album to create something uniquely Oly Mountain Boys. We were inspired by the way the pioneers of bluegrass wrote songs rooted in the place they were from. We created Charlie McCarver, a fictional character who lived in early 20th century Washington, to help us tell a story about Washington through bluegrass.

We're putting the finishing touches on the mixes of the 18 tracks that make up the album - you can check out THREE PREVIEW TRACKS on our website. It'll be a concept album with supplemental contributions from writers and artists - those contributions are starting to come in now, and we're excited by what we see.

The Oly Mountain Boys are excited for 2014. We have our most ambitious plans yet for next year, and we're going to need your help to pull it all off!

Our next album, White Horse, is going to be like nothing we've ever attempted. The music is coming together but we're not stopping there.

The album's songs tell the life story of Charlie McCarver, a character that lived in early 20th century Washington. To further enrich the story and the character, we sent out over 20 packets to writers and artists who will contribute their work to a booklet that will accompany the album.

We think there's a lot of reasons to be excited about this concept - it unifies music with other art forms, and weaves it into a picture of Washington history. And as far as we can tell, nothing quite like it has ever been done in the bluegrass world before. We're hoping you'll tell folks about it so we can unlock the full potential of this idea.

A big reason to spread the word about this album is that we're going to need your help to get across the finish line!  We'll be launching a pre-order campaign through Kickstarter near the beginning of February. Keep an eye out for it and make sure White Horse gets made!

We're excited to announce that we'll have the opportunity to take the show on the road in February! We'll be doing a quick Valentine's / President's Day weekend tour between the 12th and the 16th. We'll hit Ashland OR (thanks to Eight Dollar Mountain!), San Francisco CA (with Windy Hill!), and then on to some weekend gigs in the San Luis Obispo area.  Spread the word (forward this email!) down to California - the Oly Mountain Boys are comin to town!

Fall has set in here in Oly, and we've been holing up in the studio, working hard on our next studio album, targeted for release in spring 2014. With "White Horse" we've set out to do something unprecedented: a concept album that tells a life story from beginning to end through original bluegrass.  The album's songs center around Charlie McCarver, drawing on local history by setting the story in early 20th century Washington State. It begins with his happiness in youth with wife Lisa-Ann and their children. When his marriage unravels and his family leaves him, the songs chronicle Charlie's psychological crack, descent into violence, and life on the run. The album closes with songs that explore Charlie's memories, regrets, and confrontation with aging and death.

An important part of this album's concept is to enrich the music's vision of the characters by seeking out fiction writers and visual artists to create short prose pieces, drawings, and photos that will be packaged with the music. If this sounds intriguing to you, we want to hear from you!

Stay tuned for pre-order information - or if you can't wait, come check these songs out live!

August was a whirlwind! We rubbed elbows with a famous fugitive at the D.B. Cooper Music Festival (see photographic evidence.)  We trekked from Edmonds to Toledo in one day for our debut at the Mount Saint Helens Bluegrass Festival. We made a couple pilgrimages to one of our favorite places, Tacoma (check out some great video from the Proctor Arts Fest).  And this past weekend in Long Beach, Washington, we learned that we can play about 11 hours of bluegrass without repeating a single song - too bad we only had 10 hours worth of gigs there!

That much bluegrass can wear you out, but we're still rarin to go...

And even more exciting - all this fall we'll be performing songs that we're about to begin recording for our next album. We think it'll be a revolution in bluegrass - a concept album, telling a single story across more than a dozen songs, entitled "White Horse." Stay tuned for more news!


  • Feb 1
    ABC3 Music Festival,  Ocean Shores
  • Feb 2
    ABC3 Music Festival,  Ocean Shores
  • Feb 3
    ABC3 Music Festival,  Ocean Shores


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