If you attend one Oly Mountain Boys show this year... make it this one because the year's almost over!

Seriously though, punk blues duo Hillstomp has a history of rocking Oly establishments. It's been a long time since they've played Olympia, and we're expecting the pent-up demand for their raw and electric brand of bucket-and-slide rock to be HUGE.

The Oly Mountain Boys are pleased indeed to "grass up" this occasion, and we can't wait!! See you there!

Our fall schedule is starting to take shape... come out and see us!


Well, after a great release show with Windy Hill, our new album "Through the Sky" is now available just about any way you want it!  You can purchase the CD (with some awesome album art) or just download MP3s directly from our Store page. And you can also find us on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Google Play, Spotify, and more through CDBaby's Digital Distribution program.

But better yet, come out to a show and get it in person!

We're pretty damn excited for this one! This night is gonna give you your bluegrass fix three ways. 2011 Northwest String Summit Band Competition winners Windy Hill from Northern California! The Oly Mountain Boys! And this will be your first chance to get your hands on the Oly Mountain Boys' NEW STUDIO ALBUM, "Through the Sky!" Check out the music page for some samples.

All happening at Olympia's Eastside Club Tavern, on Friday August 3, starting at 9pm!  $5 at the door.

"Through The Sky," the Oly Mountain Boys' second studio album, is nearly here! Based on songs developed over the previous two years of live performance, it contains 10 original compositions and two Bill Monroe classics.  We think it ups the ante in every way from our first album - it's some brand new bluegrass!




We're really excited about the show we have coming up Saturday night, June 16th.

Just got our hands on this real nice video of Derek tearing it up on Bill Monroe's "Dusty Miller"...

Oly Mountain Boys: Live at High & Dry


Good news!  "Live at High & Dry" is now available for online order through CDBaby!  You can also order our first album - check out our artist page at CDBaby using the "Store" link above!

We just got the new live CD in.  We're pretty excited about it, especially about the great album art that our good friend Edwin Landis provided.  Come on out to Buzz's on Saturday, February 18th!

It won't be long now... the Oly Mountain Boys are putting together a live album from our performance in summer 2011 at the High and Dry Bluegrass Festival!  We'll be at Buzz's Tavern on February 18th for a CD release party!


  • May 30
    6th Annual Steamboat Jamboree,  Olympia
  • Sep 4
    Olympia Harbor Days,  Olympia
  • Nov 20
    Black Lake Elementary School,  Tumwater


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