Nominated for...
Best Roots Album:  White Horse
Best Roots Song:  Cabin Walls
Best Roots Instrumental:  Chased Away AND Charlie's Turnaround

"The group from Olympia, Wash., has produced an interesting concept project that chronicles the life of an early twentieth-century character named Charlie McCarver ... 

One must almost have to listen from beginning to end to maintain the flow and feel of the story, rather than just picking out a selection or two. The project comes in an attractive box with a 68-page booklet and artwork."

"The Olympia bluegrass quintet produced the first bluegrass concept album, the life and hard times of Charlie McCarver in Washington state during the early 20th century. White Horse gallops to traditional bluegrass influenced by the music of Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley and Earl Scruggs. The album, The Oly Mountain Boys' fourth, draws from the mildew and forlorn, straight from the Olympic National Forest. This is the best brand of bluegrass: energetic and thoroughly heartbroken."

"If you like your bluegrass complex, melodic and focused on weighty matters such as the hard life of Washington state living in the early 20th century, have I found something you're going to love. Olympia bluegrass outfit The Oly Mountain Boys has released their new, epic concept album, White Horse, for your consideration."

"As original and innovative as they are, The Oly Mountain Boys’ sound still gives you that down-home feeling, only this time, it’s about a home in the Northwest."


"Banjo. Fiddle. Mandolin. Guitar. Whether you are a seasoned bluegrass aficionado or totally new to the genre, you want to hear the music of the Oly Mountain Boys. Serious about music and fun, the Oly Mountain Boys are happy to provide you with an introduction to bluegrass, Pacific Northwest style. The five members of this high-octane group share a love for bluegrass music that is infectious, and their musical chops have helped them gain a strong following in Olympia and beyond."

"When Tye Menser of the Oly Mountain Boys heard that nothing locally was planned to honor the legacy of this great bluegrass legend, he took matters into his own hands."

"...a tune such as their cover of Neil Young's "Sugar Mountain" is quite good. The matching of Menser's voice to the right material makes the song one of the album highlights.

Several other highlights are among the six originals that Menser contributed here. "Dreams Along The Way" is a medium-tempo glimpse at a life gone horribly wrong, while "Six Hours" recalls those folk ballads in which a phrase or word group, in this case "six hours," becomes almost a mantra."

"Down home and unpretentious ... some kick ass banjo picking ... intense mandolin ... bluegrass in the tradition of the Stanley Brothers and Bill Monroe."

"These guys do that bluegrass thing - where instruments weave in and out, playing parts, stepping up front and receding, starting a phrase and letting another instrument finish it – very well. ... Energetic, tight, swinging - this isn't over the top chops to the moon dawg music, not rockers indulging their short pants musical memories, this is the real thing: straight up bluegrass, well and heartily played."


  • May 30
    6th Annual Steamboat Jamboree,  Olympia
  • Sep 4
    Olympia Harbor Days,  Olympia
  • Nov 20
    Black Lake Elementary School,  Tumwater


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