Halfway to making White Horse...

JUST TWO WEEKS remain to pledge to our Kickstarter campaign! We've raised over $4000 now and we're halfway to our goal. We are thrilled with all the interest, and grateful to each one of you that's pledged! But we need to keep up the same momentum or better in the second half. If you haven't pledged yet, we want you to be part of this project! Without you, "White Horse" doesn't get made!

We were fortunate to get to spend the first few days of our campaign making music in California, and we had a great time! We had six hugely successful shows, shared the stage with (and enjoyed the hospitality of) some great musicians like Eight Dollar Mountain (who just finished their own successful Kickstarter campaign!), Windy Hill, David Thom, and Scott Gates. California treated us right for sure. And we got some great video - if you're still on the fence about pledging to support White Horse, watch this clip that features one of our favorite tunes from the album, performed at our Saturday night show at Castoro Cellars in Templeton!


One of our favorite aspects of this album is the chance to give a platform to writers and artists to further the story of Charlie McCarver. Some of you may be curious about the contributions that we're getting and how they'll work into the album. We're pleased by what we've seen, and we like the way the material works to deepen the story of the character we created in our songs. We decided to let you in on a taste! We think it'll get you interested in having a copy of White Horse when it's all said and done. And maybe you want to throw in an Oly Mountain Boys t-shirt or a house concert while you're at it...

First literary excerpt...

The bartender’s voice startled Charlie, and it wasn’t until then that he realized he had the gun half-drawn from his pants and the hammer cocked.  

“Closin’ up soon.  You want another or not?”

Charlie shook his head.  He eased the hammer back into place and pried his fingers from the handle of the Colt.

“Well, I'm closin’ up then,” the bartender said.  “You stayin’ around here?  We got rooms to let.  You need a room?”

Charlie looked back to the doors through which the Sheriff had come, past them to the darkness outside.

“No,” he said, softly.  “No.  I'm just passin’ through.”

Second literary excerpt...

After looking for so long, I dreamed I finally found her in a town I couldn’t name.  It felt like both my legs had been sliced clean off when she looked at me that way.  It wasn’t just that the love was gone.  We were just standing there in the middle of the street, a lot of distance between us.  She had the kids with her.  I guessed she found another man, but it wasn’t clear, we just looked at each other.

Damn that look!  I see it to this day, as if it really happened.  See when I went to walk away, I just made the motion of walking away, but I still kept my eyes on her, and I swear I saw relief in her eyes.  My legs let me leave, but they surprised me by even being there.  Wherever that even was.


We'll see you jammin at Wintegrass this weekend! And once again, we hope you'll pledge to our Kickstarter campaign so that we can all celebrate together at these great local Oly shows at the end of March!

FRIDAY, MARCH 21st, 9pm - Royal Lounge with HILLSTOMP!, Olympia WA.

SATURDAY, MARCH 29th, 10pm - Olympia Acoustic Music Festival, Olympia WA.

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