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Diamonds & Flowers: CD
  • Diamonds & Flowers: CD
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"Diamonds & Flowers" is an album of 11 bluegrass originals from the Oly Mountain Boys, exploring their full range of traditional bluegrass foundations and indie-rock influenced "dreamgrass" originals.

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White Horse: CD
  • White Horse: CD
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(Studio Album, 2014) The Oly Mountain Boys new bluegrass concept album tells the life story of fictional historical early 20th century Northwest character Charlie McCarver through 18 songs of original bluegrass music. To further enrich the concept of the album, a beautiful 68-page booklet of original stories and artwork contributed by 11 writers and one painter accompanies the music. Voted among the Top Ten Northwest Albums of 2014!

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Through the Sky: CD
  • Through the Sky: CD
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(Studio Album, 2012) With their second studio album, the Oly Mountain Boys bring a fresh and modern sound to their distinctive brand of bluegrass music while keeping one foot firmly in the hallowed territory of bluegrass tradition.

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Live at High & Dry

(Live Album, 2012 - out of print) A mix of hard-driving traditional bluegrass tunes and Oly Mountain Boys originals from the High and Dry Bluegrass Festival in Bend, Oregon!


The Oly Mountain Boys

(Studio Album, 2010 - out of print) "Energetic, tight, swinging – this isn’t over the top chops to the moon dawg music, not rockers indulging their short pants musical memories, this is the real thing: straight up bluegrass, well and heartily played." -Victory Review Magazine


Previous events


Pine Hearts CD Release (Pine Mountain set)

Oyster Bay Farms, Olympia, WA

Three Oly Mountain Boys will combine with the three Pine Hearts for a late-night set as "Pine Mountain," a bluegrass super-group playing all traditional bluegrass numbers, closing out the show celebrating the release of The Pine Hearts' new album.


Private Event

Dupont, WA