Oly Mountain Boys on the web at last

OMB Photo Op 011

Welcome to the Oly Mountain Boys' long-overdue home on the web!  It's great to finally have a single place to send folks for everything Oly Mountain Boys.  Find out more about us on the Bio page. The Shows page has our most up-to-date gigs list.  Check out the Music, Photos, and Video pages, and keep an eye on them for new stuff (and send us your photos and video if you've got it!)

We released our first CD, "The Oly Mountain Boys" in July 2010. We're working on making it available through CDBaby so you can finally buy it online, or download your favorite tracks from it.  Meanwhile, we're hoping to have some new music available for you soon - a live album and our second studio album. Stay tuned.

Thanks for visiting!

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